Sunday Services - 14:45 PM

We often use a layer approach in our public Worship Service - patterned after the tabernacle, thus  moving from the outer court into the inner court.  Our meetings usually commence with a call to worship (scripture reading, open prayer and an invitation to congregants to join in experiencing God. Our worship team led by the worship leader, facilitate the worship experience through songs of worship and praise that leads towards encountering God at a deeper level. The worship time is often very lively with a mixture of contemporary worship songs, some with African flavor. Our worship time is followed by welcoming our guests and giving them an opportunity to introduce themselves.

Testimony time is one of the main components of almost every meeting especially our Sunday Service. Sometimes we dedicate a whole Sunday Service as a Testimony Service. We like to hear/tell of the wonders of the Lord in our lives. The children are often prayed for right after the announcements and offering time,  the high point of our service is the Sermon. We believe that the word of God gives light that guides daily living with purpose and it also brings transformation. Those needing prayer and ministry are welcome to meet with the counsellors or members of the ministry team at the end of the preaching time. You may want to read 2 Corinthians 13:14 - the benediction we often use at the end of every meeting. This order is not set in stone, we are open to the leading of the Holy Spirit, so be prepared for any changes.

After the benediction or closing prayer, people often take time to fellowship over a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, tea or juice around the table before going home. We encourage our guests to stay for this time as it gives us opportunity to get to know them more.

Bible Study/Prayers- 18:00 PM on Wednesdays

Prayer Night: Every last Friday of the month